Colco C70 Convertible DNA Collectibles

Manufactured between 1996 and 2013 across two generations by Volvo, the C70 is a two-door, four passengers sport compact car.

DNA Collectibles decided to reproduce the Volvo C70 Softtop Convertible first generation built between 1997 and 2005 in Uddevalla, Sweden.

The C70 was first unveilled to the world in 1996 at the Paris Motor Show, to be then officially introduced on the European market in 1997, followed by North America the year after. The exterior design was handled by Mr Peter Horbury, Volvo Cars’ award winning design chief from 1991 until 2002, whereas the interior design was taken care by Mr Jose Diaz de la Vega. The C70 is considered to be the successor of the Volvo 780, which was also reproduced by DNA Collectibles.

“Our vision was to design a convertible that would meet the needs of a family of four looking for comfortable blue-sky motoring in a vehicle also providing stylish looks, performance and faultless driving and road-holding,” says Peter Horbury

In addition to the luxury leather seats and electric windows, Volvo offers advanced factory-fitted sound system providing ten loudspeakers as standard and twelve or fourteen available as options. For true music enthusiasts, the world’s first in-car Dolby™ Surround Pro Logic™ system with a dedicated central dashboard amplifier was the utmost option to add on their order. Just imagine one second bringing your comfy living room while your hairs are filled with wind and your ears with perfect sound.

46’786 out of 72’000 first generation C70 production were convertible versions, on which 24’948 were sold in the US! A true success story ready for the second generation.

You can shop the Volvo C70 Convertible in our store here.

You can watch below a very interesting review of the Volvo C70 Convertible provided by Men and Motors in 2013:

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