Volvo 245

Offering the classy vibes of the 70s, Volvo 245 1975 has always been one of the most popular sedan wagons. While the segments were termed as 245 in the early years, the code was changed to 200. This included all other models designed in the 200-series of Volvo

This mid-size car was perfect for families and long duration travel. The production of the 240-series began in 1974, which means the first models were released into the market by 1975. This made our classic automobile one of the first cars from the series. 

Inspired by the amazing looks of the Volvo 140, the 245 cars were used as the baseline for making the Volvo 850. This link of one car to another has helped the brand in creating unique but connected looks for the models. The manufacturing of these models continued for almost 2 decades before the series was discontinued. 

History of Volvo 200

The makers used the safety features and design of the previous cars to make the 245 models. This blend helped in making Volvo 245 1975 popular among the buyers, making it a collectible. No car could better portray the essence of the 70s or 80s than this amazing 245 from the year 1975. 

The 1970s was a decade of revolution for Volvo. They not only introduced the 245 series but have also launched the 244 and other cars from the 260 series. This included a hatchback version prototype that was called Volvo 263 GL. However, this prototype did not receive approval for further production. If you wish to see this car for yourself, you must visit the Volvo World Museum in Gothenburg, Sweden.

More about Volvo 245 1975

Featuring a 5-door design, this estate car was first launched in the year 1974. Volvo 245 was designed to offer spacious seating, comfort, and a durable wagon to the customers. Its large trunk space showcased why the makers have decided to call this a station wagon. With a 6-cylinder diesel engine, the launch of this version has brought a lot of success to the brand. 

This was because, back in the days, people preferred having a diesel car rather than the ones that run on gas. The 245 models were available in the market for retail for around 15 years. However, with the new and improved versions available, the curtains dropped for this stylish car. 

Volvo 245 1975 Engine

As mentioned above, these cars came with a 6-cylinder engine. But, there were other configurations made available as well. Buyers could choose from 4-cylinder engines with 2.0 or 2.3-liter capacity. All these were manufactured in the brand’s own facilities, just like the 245 cars. 

They had overhead cam and overhead valve versions available for the red block engines. Initially, the early models came installed with a B20. This was replaced by B19 and a smaller B21 model. In 1984, makers have also made available PRV engine for the 245 GLT6 segments. 

245 Trim Levels 

Throughout the production, the Volvo 245 1975 was made available with a wide range of luxuries and additions. This included special trim designs that were kept constant for the 245 series. Furthermore, getting trim designs added to the base wasn’t as expensive either. Many buyers preferred paying some extra to get the trims. 

However, considering the scarce availability of the original parts in the market at present, finding the right fit can depend on various factors. The letters were inscribed on the rear hatch or the trunk lid of the car. 

Wheel Sizing

The wheel size will depend on the model of 1975 Volvo 245 the buyers select. Moreover, the makers have made other wheel sizes available on many models to help the buyers customize the car for themselves. This included making the rims and tyres available for fit. However, the standard wheel size used in these cars was around 14×5 inches. 

Dimension of Volvo 245 1975

The dimensions of 245 Volvo from 1975 are again based on the body type one selects. But, the maximum for any model would be 1710mm x 1460mm; might change with the model selection. 

Towing Capacity

Offering a towing capacity of 1200kg, Volvo 245 is a heavy-duty car model. There are other options available for enhancing the towing capacity of the car. While a few other options can decrease the capacity. The towing features highly depend on the models, option, and transmission selected. Buyers are recommended to check the automobile handbook before trying to tow. 

Fuel Consumption

Since there are 3 types of engines available for the 1975 Volvo 245, the fuel type used by the car was Leaded. Also, this will depend on model choice and transmission as well. 

Final Verdict 

Volvo 245 1975 is a fun and functional car that has won over the audience with its dashing looks. It was a 70s classic car that offered multiple features and services. With adequate legroom and trunk space, this car was the perfect option for a wide array of audiences.  

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