Subaru Leone 1800 Turbo DNA Collectibles

DNA Collectibles’ reputation is built around our production of “weird or unknown cars” instead of being more “mainstream” by releasing models for the general public. But that’s our strength! A weird car for someone is an iconic car for someone else and the Subaru Leone 1800 Turbo is not an exception. If you type “Subaru scale model” on Google, you will see plenty of Subaru Impreza, including this beauty, of different years and that’s it. We are here to change that!

How a Subaru Leone can be iconic? Because it has a story. It began in 1971 when it replaced the Subaru 1000 and lasted until 1994 when the famous Subaru Impreza was released as a successor. The Subaru Leone was the first car ever to be a mass-produced four-wheel drive (eight years before Audi came with the Quattro!). Before this revolution, you had to buy an expensive off-road car even if you used it once or twice a year and a casual car for your everyday use. With the Leone you had both for less money! That’s why it was successful in Switzerland. Indeed, Swiss people have to deal with heavy snow during few weeks and having a car that can deal with it, while being adapted for the regular driving, was very useful, they even made a Subaru Leone Swiss Edition (which was red, of course). It also achieved the American dream soon after its release for the same reason it conquered Switzerland.

Its 23 years domination at Subaru’s was marked by three generations, no less than 8 body styles (sedan, coupé, hatchback, pickup, station wagon…) and 5 different engines. One version stuck out above the rest in DNA Collectibles’ eye, the 1800 Turbo 4WD with the “Subaru Planet Blue 627” paint. This exclusive 1/43 scale model of the second generation will sublimate your Impreza’s collection by adding a nostalgic touch.

The main reason why DNA Collectibles was created is because we couldn’t find all the cars we wanted in scale model. Of course we love mainstream cars but there are already many companies that cover the market so if you want to be amazed, surprised, astonished, startled, shocked, stupefied… you are in the right place!

Check out this video of our Subaru Leone 1800 Turbo from which allows you to see all its fine details and magnificent paint.

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