Subaru SVX

Subaru came in the early 90’s with an aircraft inspired sporty looking car: Subaru Alcyone SVX. This futuristic car has a window construction, ‘window inside a window’, style directly based on an aviation canopy. If you were lucky enough to come across this vehicle on the streets you could identify it without any doubt. Surprisingly no other scale model manufacturer reproduce this model at a larger scale than 1/43 and DNA Collectibles could not resist to replicate it in high quality resin at 1/18 scale. But let’s learn a little bit about this amazing car and history:

The Subaru SVX is a 2-doors, front engine, AWD car which was produced from 1991 to 1996 at Yajima Plant, Ota, Gunma, in Japan. In 1992 the U.S. Federal safety regulations for motor vehicles requited an automatic passenger restraint system. It could be either automatic seat belts or driver’s side airbag. In fact, as Subaru was dedicated to safety and performance they decided to have both of them. Another nice specification due to the split windows is the fact that they needed two directional defroster vents on the doors. In terms of safety the hood has been designed to bend when crashing in the front. Also all Subaru engines are low profile boxer design. This important feature allowed the motor to drop under the car in case of front end impacts.

At the time when Subaru Corporation launched and advertised the Subaru SVX, they showed the car everywhere in magazines and on TV spots in Pearl White and Black. The Subaru Alcyone SVX was only advertized as ‘Alcyone’ for the Japanese market. Everywhere else in the world, this car was know at Subaru SVX only. This is the version DNA Collectibles is selling here.

We found a nice advertisement video on Youtube, with the 90’s quality though. Please have a look here:

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