Bringing the best of fastest Ford cars ever built, Ford Fiesta ST 2020 is here to top the list. Its sleek and sporty looks have won over many hearts since its launch. After winning Top Gear Car of the Year award, this is a capacious, performing, and budget-friendly car option for many. Yes, Ford has played safe by upgrading an older variant. But this second generation model offers higher horsepower and sports an amazing interior upgrade. However, most consumers were skeptical of the brand installing a smaller engine in this car.

Whether you want to run some errands, take stuff to and from your workplace, or just hitch up the camper for some good-old outdoor adventure, a pick-up truck is what you need. Perfect for towing equipment and carrying heavy loads, the robust powertrain of a pickup and the ample space of the utility bed is enough to get going. But few pickup-trucks can possess the features and dynamism of the F-150 SVT Lightning 2003. Below is a brief rundown of this amazing monster truck.