Audi A1 quattro wheels DNA Collectibles

What comes into Audi Ingolstadt engineers’ mind to create this beast! That is the first thing we thought about when DNA Collectibles first saw the Audi A1 quattro at the Geneva Motor show presentation in 2010.
After a first preview at the 2007 Tokyo motor show known as Audi metroproject quattro, then previewed at the 2008 Leipzig Auto Mobil International show named as Audi A1 project quattro, and finally named under A1 Sportback concept at the Paris motor show in 2008, the very first and official version of the Audi A1 quattro designed by Wolfgang Egger was revealed in 2010 in Geneva!

This compact car receives a huge 2.0L and 4 cylinders turbo from the Audi TTS, slightly downgraded to 256 hp and 350 nm of torque. In addition to this powerful motor, Audi also used the drivetrain quattro system! This was probably a nightmare for the engineers as this car has not been built in the first place to receive these vigorous organs.

A six-speed manual gearbox also makes this car as sporty as ever. With its 18’ “Turbine” wheels, associated with the white livery, it pays a tribute to the UR Quattro, one of the finest rallye car ever produced in our opinion. The red touches on the front light, the instrument cluster, and the atypical wheels make this little car looks angry with a very unique shape!

As indicated on the steering wheel, only 333 exemplars of the Audi A1 quattro were built by the manufacturer.

DNA Collectibles had to take this responsability to replicate this UFO. We decided to reproduce exactly 333 models in tribute to the official number of units produced in this limited serie. Don’t miss your chance to own this DNA exclusivity, and please have a look at your Audi A1 quattro product page here.

We found any interesting review of the Audi A1 quattro on youtube published by volkswizard in February 2nd 2019. Enjoy the show !

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