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Volvo V70 XC in 1 43 scale by DNA Collectibles

This all wheel drive wagon will definitely fulfill all your needs. Known under V70 XC AWD, it is also commonly called the Cross Country. This car comes with a new front grill, bigger body moldings, foglights and a larger roof rack. Of course, also with a luxurious interior with leather seats. On the trunk, a carpet that can be switch for muddy cargos is a nice addition for outdoor enthusiasts. Thanks to the raised suspension, it was capable in all terrain.


Our model Volvo V70 XC at 1/43 scale is meticulously reproduced. Swedish car fans will be at the seventh heaven! Another DNA exclusivity that you need to have in your collection. Have you seen our dedication to details? Please have a look at our pictures and video to make your own opinion.

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VOLVO V70 XC - 1997

If I ask you “ how tough are you? “ and your answer is “as tough as a Volvo XC70!”, you can be sure that I will fear you. Indeed, the Volvo XC70 is the superman version of the Volvo V70 (which is therefore the Clark Kent version).

Launched in 1997 during the Frankfurt International, few months after the V70, it was targeted at men (or ladies) who wanted a safe car for the family but also one which can survive a storm, cross a bumpy snowy road or take you across the Arizona desert with the trunk full of your son’s sport equipment. The four wheel-drive system and the high ground clearance assure you to never be late again because of the weather conditions.

In 1997, it was first named Volvo V70XC to show that it is only a V70 version but in 2003, after the second generation arrived (2000) and thanks to its fame, Volvo decided to make it a fully-fledged car by naming it Volvo XC70. The design is not a surprise, you can recognize that it’s a Volvo from 500m in the dark (but isn’t that what Volvo lovers look for?). It differentiates from the V70 with its large tires (205/65HR15 VS 195/60VR15), a new front (more aggressive), a tougher roof rack… in a nutshell, you take the V70 and add some muscles . Inside, you can notice the luxury inherent in the Volvo culture, a high quality leather and an upscale fabric are used for the upholstery, a walnut trim can be added and the front seat are heated. Volvo is also known for its safety, and this 1997 car is not an exception, with the dual front and side airbag and the head restraints for all the passengers. Do we have to mention the three-points seatbelts invented by Volvo ? I don’t think so. We choose for the scale model (that is available on our store volvo xc70) to paint it with the 437 sandstone metallic color.

The automatic transmission was first coupled with a 2.5litre light pressure turbo and a 193hp engine. On dry road, 95% of the engine’s strength goes to the front wheels but when the conditions become challenging, on the contrary, up to 95% goes to the rear wheels. The viscous clutch make this operation very smooth. That being said, this car combines comfort, luxury, safety and allroadness.

If DC Comics would have made the “Batman VS Superman” movie with cars, I am sure they would have named it “Volvo XC70 VS Subaru Legacy Outback” and maybe the Jeep Cherokee would have made a cameo in this movie.

Volvo V70xc Volvo V70xc
Volvo V70xc

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