Volvo 780 Blue 1/18

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Volvo 780 Blue 1/18

Volvo 780 Coupé Bertone Blue 1/18 scale model car replica by DNA Collectibles.

Produced and commercialized from 1986 to 1991, the Volvo 780 Coupé Bertone was presented to the public in 1985 at the Geneva International Motor Show. Bertone refers to the Carrozzeria Bertone, the famous Italian car styling company based in Turin, Italy, who designed and developed the 780’s body (Bertone also took care of the styling of the Volvo 262C which was the predecessor of the 780). Less than 10’000 units were produced and sold around the world. Funny fact : Nuccio Bertone (the designer) himself affectionately called this boxy car “a truck in an evening dress”.

Volvo 780 Blue 1/18

The Blue Pearl Metallic Volvo 780 Coupe Bertone is an exclusive 1/18 scale model car replica by DNA Collectibles. This boxy car from the 80’s will bring you some great memories back ! Already launched in 2018 by DNA Collectibles in Red Pearl Metallic body color, this new edition in 407 Blue Pearl Metallic was highly requested by the Volvo Model cars facebook group. So we did ! Seriously, you need this emblematic scale model miniature in your collection. Check out our pictures and videos if you need to be furthermore convinced.

Each chassis numbered | Limited series:
Blue Pearl Metallic: 299 pcs


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The Volvo 780 Coupe Bertone new color edition to satisfy you

You know that DNA Collectibles is very close from its fan community. So when the Volvo Model Cars Facebook group (counting more than 12’000 members) nicely asks you to re-edit a version of the Volvo 780 Coupe Bertone in 407 Blue Pearl Metallic body color and Blue & Black interior… You just say yes and you start working on it !

Let’s dive into the exterior of this 1:18 scale model replica to see what treasures we will find.
The perforated front grill, which nicely integrates the typical diagonal bar and the Volvo logo, allows you to see the radiator and the fan behind. Below the front bumper, you can also notice that we replicated the central air intake and the fog lights.
Speaking of lights, DNA Collectibles attaches a lot of attention to the headlights realism. You can clearly see the small wipers on it, the engraved pattern, the different compartments and the bulbs inside.
Several fine photo-etched chrome bits are manually applied at the top of the front and rear bumpers, surrounding the windows, around the front grill, along the wings black protections, and on the door handles.
Of course, we didn’t miss the metallic badges around the car with the Bertone logo and inscription on both C-pillars, in addition to the Volvo and 780 wording applied on the trunk.
The aluminum effect spoke rims were really complex to develop to reach this splendid final rendering.

The large windshield, side windows and glass roof allows you to scrutinize all the interior high quality tiny details. What a transition to talk about the cabin features !
The cockpit details are just amazing. Instead of just moulding everything in one block, DNA Collectibles decided to make several separate parts such as the steering wheel, the turn signals, the gear lever and the hand brake. Please focus on the dashboard counters realism, the tiny buttons on the radio and central consol… Don’t you feel like being in the actual car?
Wooden effect trims on the door panels and on the thin line along the front cockpit brings an executive and luxury touch to this beautiful scale model car.
The photo-etched buckles applied on the real fabric seat belts is a “standard” DNA Collectibles signature.

Volvo 780 Volvo 780
Volvo 780

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