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DNA Collectibles is happy to sell this great model exclusivity: The Volkswagen Passat W8 B5 GP version at 1 18 scale.
The VW Passat W8 is a very wide car family range manufactured by Volkswagen since 1973. And today this car has reached its eighth generation! From B1 to B8 versions, the Passat is still very popular all around the world. DNA Collectibles decided to reproduce the VW Passat W8 B5 Sedan facelift B5.5 / Typ 3BG.
The Passat B5.5 / Typ 3BG production started in late 2000. Since then, few changes occured like the chrome trim, the bumpers, the projector-optic headlights or the tail lights. In 2001, a luxury and more powerful version was launched with a 4.0-litre W8 engine producing 275 hp (202 kW) / 370 Nm and included standard 4-Motion all-wheel drive.


Our Volkswagen Passat W8 at 1/18 scale in the B5 GP W8 version is a DNA Collectibles exclusivity!
The Passat W8 was produced in 2001 in a luxury version including 4-Motion. The W8 motor with its 4 liters and a W architecture made it totally unique. All VW lovers should get this very rare model.

Quantity produced: 320 pieces
Each chassis numbered

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The Volkswagen Passat B5 GP W8 was sulked by the scale model industry until… DNA Collectibles decided to take care of this injustice. Let us tell you why this model deserved to be replicated.

First, the choice of the indigo blue exterior paint contrasted by the beige interior is just a pleasure for the connoisseur eye. The general appearance of the front of the car is very realistic! Just have a look at the VW logo accuracy fixed on the great detailed front grill, or the high end quality lights from where you can actually see the bulbs inside. You can also notice the double twin chrome exhaust pipe to add some testosterone to the car.

The interior is the usual DNA Collectibles signature. We are very proud to push the precision to the limit especially by adding tiny photo etched parts such as the inside door handles. The cockpit, the dashboard, the steering wheel, the seat belts and the gear lever are also perfectly reproduced to give you the impression to look at the real car.

Volkswagen Passat W8 Volkswagen Passat W8
Volkswagen Passat W8

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SKU DNA000029

1 review for VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT W8 1/18

  1. Brandon (verified owner)

    My W8 just showed up in the United States after 3 weeks but i’ll blame it on Covid-19. The car comes on a Plexiglas mount which is pretty cool(i’d recommend getting their display cover as its notched to fit the stand seamlessly) the exterior fit and finish is fantastic, the detail is very good. As a shelf display, I’m very happy. Only thing I find a tad strange is the windows are this weird, thin plastic material that seems very cheap but I won’t matter if its on the shelf or in the display case. The main reason why I give it 4 and not 5 stars is nothing opens. On your typical quality Maisto you get all doors, hood/bonnet and Trunk/boot that open. However, they don’t make a W8 which I once owned and for that, I would recommend buying this if don’t mind the price tag of Just over $100 USD

    • DNA Collectibles (verified owner)

      Dear Brandon,
      Thank you for you very complete and honest review.
      Your feedback is very important for us, that’s the best way to always improve ourselves.
      Unfortunately this is technically much more difficult to design opening parts for resincast scale models because of the nature of the material.
      On the other hand, resincast allows us to be more precise regarding the body design and all the interior details.
      Regarding the windows, during the development, we actually have to make some choices. If we want to respect as much as possible the 1/18 scale, the windows has to be very thin to reach this goal. Making then thicker wouldn’t be the true scale. But we do understand what you mean, that’s a question we often ask ourselves 😉

      Thank you for being a DNA customer.

      Best regards
      The DNA Team

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