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Saab Aero X 1 18 scale model replica by DNA Collectibles.

Unveiled at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, this beautiful concept car has been designed as a tribute to Saab Aeroplanes history. The cockpit canopy has been directly inspired by jet fighters with a huge 180 glass without pillars. The astonishing turbine wheels made their debute on this concept, and were later used on the 9-5. Thanks to a 2.8l Turbocharged V6 of 400 hp, this beast promise lightning fast performances.


Our model Saab Aero-X at 1/18 scale is a highly detailed concept car. Sporty and environmental friendly, that’s a car you need to have!
Saabists will be glad with this absolute exclusive 1/18 scale supercar model. It will be the icing on the cake of your collection… Have you seen the level of details? Watch our pictures and video.

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SAAB AERO-X - 2006

SAAB = "Svenska Aeroplan Aktiebolaget" (which means "Swedish aeroplane corporation"). The word “aeroplane” in a car brand’s name? Yes, some of you may not know that but at the beginning SAAB used to build aircrafts for the Swedish Air Force. The Saab Aero-X is a tribute to the company’s first purpose.

Shown at the 2006 Geneva Motor Show, the Saab Aero-X is a concept car made by SAAB during the GM era. Why was it so important for Saab to release this beauty at this time? We have to dig in the Swedish car brand history to understand. GM bought 50% of Saab in 1990 and the second half in 2000. From this time, GM was the only master on board and ,not surprisingly, wanted to add its personal touch to announce a new age for the brand. Sadly, it began with two commercial failures (Saab 9-2X and Saab 9-7X) but then came the miracle : the Saab Aero-X. Saab enthusiasts started to lose faith in their beloved car brand and finally a breath of fresh air came from Trölhattan. Everybody knew that it was not meant to be produced but we knew that the spirit of this UFO will influence the next Saab generations and that’s what matters most.

What makes it so special ? I’ll start with the cockpit canopy. As said earlier, this car is a tribute to the early aspiration of Saab (planes!) and nothing is more significant than a cockpit to remind a jet fighter. The lack of A-pillars allows the driver (and the unique passenger) to have a full 180° vision. Even the large wheel rims evoke a turbine rotor. GM not only wanted to remind the past glory of the Scandinavian company, but also wished to project itself in the future. For that purpose, the Aero-X’s has a sleek design made of carbon fiber, very pure, bereft of all unnecessary detailing. Same philosophy inside, the black and white cabin has the bare minimum while looking futuristic (from a 2006 point of view). Under the hood, a 2.8 biturbo V6 BioPower engine that develops 400hp enables a 0 to 100km/h (62mph) in 4.9s while running on pure ethanol.

“Learning from the past to change our future” is something GM applied with the Saab Aero-X by mixing its aerial past with its desire to move forward. That’s also the spirit of DNA Collectibles : many years of experience at the service of a new company who wants to transmit its passion through very high detailed and exclusive scale models. You can judge by yourself with the 1/18 resin scale model Saab Aero-X.

Saab AeroX Saab AeroX
Saab AeroX

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SKU DNA000004

6 reviews for SAAB AERO-X 1/18

  1. Timo Hakala (tmohakla)

    Very high quality and details. Just as if you would have the real car in your living room. The guys at DNA have done a great job. If you have high expectations, they will be exceeded.

  2. BAUER Werner

    The saab aero x is an extremely high-quality processed model. It is optimally packed for further travel to the buyer. the outer packaging is extra packed in a microfiber bag. everything very high quality. The model may not be missing in any collection.

  3. Scott Nadeau

    Definitely a must have for concept car junkies like me. One of the last concepts from Saab and one of the coolest to come from the 2000’s. Thank you DNA for giving this car the attention it deserves!

  4. Chris Hull

    I was amazed at the detail and finish on this model. I received fast delivery and great communication from the team at DNA Collectibles. I highly recommend them and I look forward to buying many more.

  5. Anders Ekdahl

    The Aero-X is very nicely made model, with exquisite detailing mirroring the real concept car, and the model is delivered in a very exclusive packaging. I’m very happy with my purchase Can’t wait for the next car to be released by DNA Colletibles.

  6. Stefan

    I was very happy when I heard that DNA collectibles will produce new Saab models. And what can I say after I got my Saab Aero-X? I am very happy and surprised by the very good quality of the model. These guys really love what they do. 🙂 I highly recommend DNA collectibles.

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