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Nevs 9-3 Turbo Prototype at 1 43 scale by DNA Collectibles

Created in 2014, this concept Saab 9-3 is a tribute to the Saab 99 Turbo of the 70’s. It took the same Cardinal Red paint, the side white stripes as well as the famous Inca wheels but this time in 19’ inches. The engine has been tuned up to 270 hp. Unveiled in 2017, it is now in the Saab Car Museum in Trollhattan.

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Our model Nevs 9-3 Turbo at 1/43 scale is perfectly reproduced in all aspects. Parked today at the Trollhättan Saab museum with the serial number 000, Nevs created a tribute to the Saab 99 Turbo from the 70s with this prototype. A DNA exclusivity! Order yours before someone else does… Check our pictures and video to see how accurate your model is.

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« Reborn from its own ashes like a phoenix ». Nobody can affirm with absolute certainty how a great brand like Saab had declined through the years but everybody agrees that it needs a third chance. After the failed attempt of Spyker Cars in 2010, it’s the turn of NEVS to become the savior in 2012. The take-over by the National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB was not a long calm river and if you want to know more about SAAB’s buyout, I suggest you typing “NEVS” on Wikipedia. We are here to talk about the Saab Nevs 9-3 Turbo Concept of 2014 and not about financial bla-bla.

Strangely, even though it has been labelled 9-3, it’s still a 70’s Saab 99 turbo tribute. The color, the side decals, the rims and of course the “Turbo” were inherited from the first Saab ever to “wear” a turbocharger in its engine. The tribute goes on with the fact that Nevs offered this prototype to the Saab Museum at Trollhättan to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Saab 99 turbo in 2017. Then what’s left from the 9-3? Mainly the body, it’s a restyled version of the previous 9-3 sedan. Under the hood, you can find a 2.0L turbo4 that develops 270hp (versus 145hp for the 99 turbo of 1978).

It was not meant to be a concept car but like many of Saab’s dreams, the reality differed from the plan. The 1000 units that should have been manufactured will never see the daylight and it’s kind of sad because many workers contributed in this project in a record time (only five weeks and no budget!). The expected price was 407 005 SEK (Swedish crowns), why was it so precise? 40 for the forty years of the turbo, 70 for the seventy years of Saab and 05 for five years of Nevs, this is genius.

By losing the right to use the Saab brand name, Nevs buried the project and focused on electric vehicles but it was without counting on the determination of DNA Collectibles.

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2 reviews for NEVS 9-3 TURBO PROTOTYPE 1/43

  1. Björn Herrtsröm (verified owner)

    Look nice on the shelf but this one feels a bit to plastic.

    • DNA Collectibles

      Dear Björn,

      Thank you for your fair review.
      This is important for us to hear our customers’ feedbacks to improve our models.
      The Nevs 9-3 Turbo Prototype was one of the few 1/43 scale model cars developped by DNA Collectibles at the very beginning of our history.

      Best Regards
      The DNA Collectible team

  2. Richard Birkett

    Love all the models such great detail Now need a Datsun 240Z to celebrate the 50th anniversary Would sell really well I’m sure

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