BOND BUG 700ES 1/18

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BOND BUG 700ES 1/18

BOND BUG 700ES 1/18

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SKU DNA000003

2 reviews for BOND BUG 700ES 1/18

  1. ivan smith

    Last year I was contacted by DNA Collectables who wanted a Bond Bug to photo. I had just finnished the restoration of my 3rd so was willing to have photographs done of the car. Detailed shots were taken with the view of turning it into a model. 5 or 6 months later the car was released and I was sent one. I was bowled over by the attention that DNA had achieved. The detail was first class even down to the sidescreen hinges, decals and straps on the axle. well done on a great effort. Ivan Smith Bug Club

  2. Ron Dixon

    I’m lucky enough to own a 48 year old Bond Bug in superb condition so I just had to have one of these models. I have to say that the attention to detail is incredible! Every curve is exact, the wheels, lights, wing mirrors, decals and side panels. As for the interior it’s simply stunning, nothing is missing it’s all there….perfect! You have to have this model.

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