About Us

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… well, not so long ago because it was in 2017 and not that far because it happened in Switzerland on Earth. But still! Four guys decided to stop dreaming their lives and finally living their dream. What dream ? Cars! Small cars! Really really small cars! They have a passion and want to share it with the World. How ? By creating their own brand of scale model cars, imposing a high standard of quality, a world-wide availability and developing rare models.

DNA Collectibles was born.

The main philosophy is to involve passionate people like you in the whole process from choosing the models to sending you pictures of the production process. You are the centre of our attention and will be glad to hear from you once in a while to have your opinion about the models, the quality or just to say hello!

It’s not only about selling you a model, it’s about giving you an experience! Like you, the passion is in our genes!

Important Steps


  • Spring 2017 : Decision to launch our own activity
  • September 4th 2017 : Creation of DNA Group SA


  • February 23rd 2018 : First Pre-Order launch and first sale
  • May 15th 2018 : First production finished
  • 2018 : 19 products launched. 8 at 1/43 scale & 11 at 1/18 scale


  • January 7th 2019 : First place AWARD WINNING model car in UK Diecast Collector Magazine 1/18 scale category :          BOND BUG from Reliant
  • May 18th 2019 : First Popup store in Carouge, Geneva Switzerland
  • June 6th 2019 : DNA Collectibles switched its logistic center from Hong Kong to Europe
  • June 25th 2019 : 10’000 followers on FaceBook
  • 2019 : 19 products launched at 1/18 scale


  • January 6th 2020 : First place AWARD WINNING model car in UK Diecast Collector Magazine 1/18 scale category :          Volvo P1800 “Jensen” Edition
  • Same date : Special AWARD in UK Diecast Collector Magazine for the World’s Smallest Car : Peel Engineering P50 at scale 1/18
  • January 2020 : Another shout out and First place AWARD WINNING model car for the Volvo P1800 “Jensen” Edition in the famous Model Car Hall of Fame (read more here)
  • January – February 2020 : First participation to the International Nuremberg Toy Fair
  • April 14th 2020 : 10’000 followers on Instagram
  • May 14th 2020 : DNA Collectibles launches its new website with many new features
  • October 2020 : DNA Collectibles moved its logistic center to a new and modern warehouse in Bratislava
  • December 2020 : Official signature of the Ford license
  • 2020 : 16 products launched at 1/18 scale | 2020 has been a very special year because of the COVID-19. Unfortunately we couldn’t launch as many new models as initially planned, nevertheless all our new models met great successes. Thank you very much for your support during this delicate period


  • January 2021 : The Facebook group Volvo Model Cars (more than 12’000 subscribers) rewarded our Volvo V70 R as model of the year 2020
  • February 2021 : DNA Collectibles Facebook’s page reached 20’000 subscribers